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Cool design is judged by the details, and fortunately I always spend time consistently changing account templates so it does not look boring. In each design I make maximum effort and dedicate the expertise to create text elements that perfectly integrate fonts for optimal visual results. So it looks pretty interesting and releases the element to the design to make something cool.

Creating a banner with corel draw is easy, because the designer must adjust the request from the consumer. Not to mention the revisions that are so convoluted, but that’s how they like to be designers ready to risk. If you decide to insert an image into a banner, especially if the image is a product image, then the image is of high quality. Do not let the image look blurry or broken on the banner.

Choosing the right colors can make your banner stand out in the crowd. Some colors that can attract people’s attention are yellow, red and orange. But of course you can not choose arbitrarily color. Colors must be tailored to the color of corporate identity and company logo. You also need to consider the effect of the background colors on the images and posts that are included in the banner.

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If you have an interesting idea, with interesting concepts to visualize, then you need a design presentation that will show your message with great clarity and impact. Appropriate content structure, modern color schemes, unique creative details, good typography, and the look and feel of the present that will turn your ideas into an amazing presentation. Keep in mind Design itself is a process of thinking and feeling that will create something, combining facts, constructions, functions and aesthetics to meet human needs or graphic design also commonly defined a concept of problem solving, colors, materials, techniques, costs, use expressed in pictures and shapes.

In graphic design the problem involves various fields such as image planning techniques, forms, symbols, letters, photography and print processes along with knowledge of materials and costs. Usually graphic design is usually applied to static media, such as books, magazines, and brochures but in line with the times, graphic design is also applied in electronic media, often referred to as interactive design or multimedia design.

Graphic design purposes in addition to creating aesthetic functional design or planning, but also informative and communicative with the community are also equipped with an understanding of mass psychology and marketing theories, so that these graphic design works can be a powerful promotional tool.

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