SteemPress – What makes it different?


Good night, best wishes to all of us. recently we were surprised by an article made by @steempress-io. This article is made for the invitation to the steemians especially who have a hobby blogging in SteemPress. for more details you can read full here.

this article is made to peel away about this SteemPress and what makes it look different from other plug-ins. made with the maximum and by combining multiple sources, I am proud to present this article for you.

Apart from all that, I am fully aware that there are still shortcomings in terms of both sentences and grammar. Therefore with open arms I receive all suggestions and criticism from readers so we can improve this article later in the comment field.

Finally I hope hopefully this article about steempress can provide benefits and inpirasi to the reader.


Before discussing more and there is confusion about SteemPress it helps us learn first about what is Plug-in & SteemPress.

  • Plugin is an additional program that can be integrated with WordPress to provide other functions that are not yet available on the standard installation, can also call an additional set of application programs that contain scripting functions in the PHP language that provides specific features or services to improve function in the use of wordpress blog, which can be combined with blogs using access points and methods provided by WordPress.
  • SteemPress is a wordpress plugin that lets you publish your articles automatically on blockchain STEEM every time you publish it on your blog.

According to the above explanation we can conclude that, the SteemPress Plug-in is an enhancement that allows WordPress blog users to publish their blog articles to  platform Steem Blockchain.

My Opinion About SteemPress

SteemPress is something most eagerly awaited by experienced bloggers, before SteemPress present a lot of bloggers who have switched and left their website to play steemit, this is in my opinion very unfortunate because in a website is made very difficult by the owner and if left behind will certainly be a burden in itself.

Fortunately WordPress bitches the complaints of these bloggers and makes a step forward to help them, with the theme “From Blog To Blockchain” WordPress brings out a great plug in called SteemPress.

SteemPress will be needed by WordPress bloggers to use in their own hosting, it becomes a new breath of bloggers to continue what they have done in the past.


How Will  SteemPress Working??

SteemPress works by using Post Key from Steemit account, as with any other platform first, WordPress just asks you to enter some data required to connect to your Steemit account. very easy & fast!


Where Download SteemPress?

To get the SteemPress plugin, you can go to the Plugins menu and then Add New, on your site you will see a large list of WordPress plugins available to you or you can go directly to the WordPress site and enter the WordPress plugin directory more precisely on the “Plugins “Or can be through the following this link.


SteemPress Feature

  • Post automatically.
  • Conversion and cleaning.
  • Optional sound options.
  • Add original link.
  • A custom tag for each article.
  • Default tag if no tags are specified.
  • Optional posting.
  • Bulk posting.
  • Pending posts to protect your SEO.

Open Source

For Developers, SteemPress is a plug in Open Source. here they can make any contribution to the development of SteemPress as well as developing commands or hunting bugs and many more.


So this article I hope may be useful for people who read it and add insight for people who read this. And the authors apologize if there are errors in the writing of words and sentences that are not clear, understand, and straightforward please do not enter into the heart. I also really hope that reading this paper will increase knowledge about SteemPress and then we can use it together, because I make this article for the benefit of our learning together. The conclusion of our hopefully pleasing in the heart and we say thanks as much as possible.

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